Networking Vs. Job Postings – And A Contradiction To Reality!

Here’s the scenario: You are hunting for a job.

While you have no problem finding a zillion great jobs posted online, you’ve had no luck in getting any response to the many applications and resumes you fired off. Your frustration is slowly mounting.

Sadly, it’s a frustration common to most job hunters today. That’s because everyone else looking for a job is following the same modus operandi.

We at Key Corporate Services would reply it is time to ask the hard question…

“How’s that been working for you?”

Because there are so many job openings online, applying over the internet only seems logical and the best way to find that next job. But, is that really so? Truthfully, it probably isn’t. You need to know that most of your competition seeking those jobs are doing the very same thing. While you may have received a few phone screenings, or even a couple of in-person interviews, you still haven’t landed a job.

The reason?…

What appears to be an easy and prudent course of action (applying online), is a contradiction to reality. Truthfully, the competition for jobs posted online is staggering!

Every other job seeker in your field has seen the same postings and also applied. You may be a great fit, but it’s easy to get lost among a sea of applicants. In fact, you are competing against all those additional applicants who really aren’t qualified but applied anyway hoping they may get lucky and something will stick. Even as the best fit, your resume could be easily missed in the tsunami of cyber responses.

There IS a better approach.

A better course of action is to compliment the time you apply online with a robust NETWORKING regimen.

Improve your chances through Networking.

Networking eliminates much of the field competition. It can help you find and be considered for a position before the rest of the world knows about it. At the very least, it affords you the opportunity to make a contact with a decision maker rather than just remain a piece of online data buried in a mountain of other applicants!

And, therein lies the power of networking!

When you are one of a small handful of candidates, rather than one of hundreds, your odds of landing a position are dramatically improved. Surveys show that most jobs are actually filled through some form of referral or networking. Staggeringly, only about 12% of positions are filled through responses from job advertising!

So, ask yourself another question…

“If most jobs are filled through referrals, why shouldn’t I be spending most of my time networking?”

Effective networking involves helping your contact understand how they can help you beyond simply telling you about open jobs. They need to understand that you may be open to additional contacts, or company information, or referrals to other organizations they know about.

Smart networking involves helping THEM help YOU! And, it may prove to be your quickest way to landing that next job.

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