Perfecting that perfect elevator pitch

You’re on the job prowl and your competition has the same or similar qualifications and credentials as you… so how do you stand out? An important key is being able to market yourself quickly to potential employers.

Can you sell yourself in less than one minute?

The “elevator pitch” was so named because a successful pitch should never last longer than 60 seconds, the average length of an elevator ride in New York City. Elevators move fast and attention spans are short. So whether a meeting is planned or spontaneous, you need to be prepared to quickly and easily explain who you are and to capture their interest.

To make a great first impression in any professional setting, develop and practice your self-introduction.

Forbes article listed 9 ways to perfect your elevator pitch. One that stood out was the need to format it by answering three questions in 30 seconds: Who are you? What do you do? What are you looking for?

Whether you’re working with a corporate recruiter or not, it’s a good idea to have that great elevator pitch nailed down. You never know when that perfect opportunity is going to present itself in the form of that simple command: “Tell me about yourself.” 

At Key Corporate Services, we’re going to give you a lot more than 30 seconds to tell us your story.  We want to develop a longer relationship with you that only comes from spending as much time as needed to really understand who you are.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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