Reasons to look for a new job #2: You want to be in a new location

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In our first post in this series, we looked at a reason for wanting a new job that is about the job itself. In this post, the reason we’re looking at is external to the job.

The inspirational speaker Silouan has talked about the importance of finding one’s “power place”: the place in the world from which you draw strength, where things seem to go right for you more often than not. Location is extremely important and often an underestimated factor in our happiness.

What are some factors that can make a location your power place?

Urban vs. suburban vs. country. Some people love living in the heart of downtown. Others need a more bucolic setting in order be at ease. Some people need to be home owners, whereas others would prefer apartment living in a denser urban area.

This factor ties into…

Energy level. Manhattan is often said to be a high-energy place, whereas other cities are thought to be more laid back (our own Indianapolis seems this way, although we have our exciting stuff too, such as the Indy 500 and recently the Super Bowl!). In general, the country seems more low-energy. The “vibe” in various places can just be different.

This factor ties into…

The people. I won’t get into stereotypes about people from different regions of the US, but there is a widespread belief that the denizens of the major cities tend to have a certain personality. You may find that people in a particular place are a better match to your own personality.

And there is also the factor of…

Amenities. Housing, school systems, sports teams, museums, shopping–the list is endless, but different places offer different things that we need and enjoy.

And let’s not forget…

Geographic features. Some people love mountains. Others love the ocean. Still others prefer the type of flatness we have here in and around Indy.

Climate. In the US, we have quite a range of climates to choose from. Some people want it warm all year round, others need to have the four seasons.

Romance. You may have met a special someone and wish to live in his or her location.

All of these factors and more come into play to influence how you feel about locations. When just the right mix comes together, that’s your power place!

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