Steps to take before embarking on a job search-Step#4- polish up that resume!


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It’s time to polish up that resume!

At Key Corporate Services, we would be the first to admit that even the greatest resume is seldom enough to get a job offer.  But, it certainly plays a critical part in getting your foot in the door to landing that all-important interview. However, a poor resume can keep you from even getting a job interview!

You likely have a resume file sitting around from the last time you looked for a job. Don’t just send it off without looking at it or updating it — review your application documents carefully to make sure they have no typos and are filled out properly.

Our specialists can help you maximize your resume to present your skills and experience in the most impressive way. And, we even offer an example resume format you can use as you work on updating that dusty resume you last looked at five years ago. If you don’t find a copy on our website be sure to ask one of our recruiters for an example resume.

Your resume often is the first impression a company has of you. It’s important a resume accurately reflects the value you’ve added to past position as well as your skills and experiences. Be truthful! It is not difficult to verify employment dates and education, so tell about your accomplishments and achievements but don’t misrepresent your background or skills. Misspelling and grammatical errors must be avoided at all costs.  Use spellcheck and have another set of eyes review your resume for errors you may have overlooked.

One observation the professionals at Key have about some resumes they have received is that many of them list job duties but do not list achievement and accomplishments. What companies really want to know is how you have made your employers money through increased sales or programs implemented and how you saved them money through efficiencies or other cost savings.  Be sure to list these in bullet form on your resume for easy reading!

When it comes to writing a great resume, there’s nothing wrong with getting help. Sending in a letter-perfect resume will give you more confidence than trying to get by on your own uncertain efforts.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team