Successful matches keep Corporate Clients coming back to Key Corporate Services

At Key Corporate Services, we have long-term relationships with a lot of our companies. And, it’s our ability to consistently fill requests for key positions keep them using our services.

The following real-life case study reflects this commitment and the appreciation our corporate clients have for our success:

An international manufacturer of paint and coatings was desperately seeking a specialized chemist. After four months of rigorous searching the internal recruiter for this company couldn’t track down the right candidate with the distinct expertise they were striving to find. The Vice President of the division finally contacted Key Corporate seeking a recruiter with experience and knowledge in the coatings industry.

Within four weeks Key Corporate screened and found a strong candidate meeting all the company’s requirements. After an onsite interview executives were convinced his credentials were exceptional and an offer was presented and the position was filled. Over the next couple of months the initial assessment of the candidate that lead to the hire seemed to be more than accurate.

Not only did his expertise suit the specialized job description, but also his leadership skills proved he could take on an even bigger role. This was the first in a series of successful searches by Key Corporate, this company continues to use Key Corporate Services to locate other chemist’ as well as higher level candidates.

Key Corporate is pleased to play a vital role in each of our clients business by providing the specialized talent the client needs.

If you are a company looking to executive recruiter who will work hard to consistently fill your key positions, give us a call.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team