Succession Planning- Tip #8- Corporate leadership must agree on the measurements

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Before implementing a succession planning process, it’s important to know what your organization’s leaders believe about some key attributes associated with leadership. So, have meetings to set clear benchmarks pertaining to leadership qualities.  That way, everyone is in agreement regarding how to recognize these qualities when evaluating candidates for succession planning.succession planning

For example, what does Performance mean to everyone?  And, how is it really being measured?

What about Potential? How can that be objectively measured?

Continue the dialogue among leadership on other key measurements and what they mean, including:

Development– is this different from training?

Leadership– what is the measurement of this attribute?

Other key considerations needing consensus include Accountability, Courageousness, and Talent.

Does meeting goals and deadlines, speaking up and not holding back show these characteristics?  All these require a consensus of interpretation by leadership if the succession planning process is going to identify the brightest future leaders.

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