Summer job search? Take this tip from CareerRocketeer!

Summer is a time when a lot of people get the itch to take their career to a new level or change careers entirely. Perhaps the warmer weather or a summer vacation stimulates new ideas.

Earlier in the year, CareerRocketeer posted an article with some good job search tips, but one in particular caught my eye:

7 – Mutually Beneficial Recruiter Relationships.

Executive recruiters are clearly in the midst of the action in 2014. However, if it’s been some time since you spoke with a recruiter, you’ll need to know what to expect.

Recruiters are tasked by client companies to find ideal candidates, who often have a straight-line career path through progressively challenging roles. Deep expertise in a specific target industry is also desirable.

You can, of course, leverage LinkedIn or Twitter to reach out to recruiters, especially if you’re seeking feedback on the market for your skills. Prepare a short, powerful script (similar to a cover letter, but more concise) for contacting recruiters via social media.

We certainly agree that we are in the midst of the action right now! Key Corporate Services is having its busiest and best year yet–all thanks to the great candidates and companies with whom we work. If you are engaged in a summer job search, now is a great time to talk to us, as we have many open positions in a wide variety of industries.

You also don’t need to reach out to our firm via social networks–simply contact us! We have a lot of value to add in a discussion of your career and where you want to go. Plus, it’s quite likely that we will have some positions for you to consider right away.

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