Talented people are in high demand for oil and gas jobs!

Key Corporate Services is a recruiting company with national and international reach and a strong specialty in the oil and gas industry. For this reason, we follow news reports on this industry very closely.

AOL Jobs recently ran an article on the oil and gas industry and had this to say:

If you followed our coverage of the North Dakota oil boom earlier this year, you’re well aware that these are only a small fraction of the many, many jobs currently available in this industry. In fact, the incredible demand for work transformed the small town of Williston, ND almost overnight. But even those hoping to strike black gold aren’t limited to working as a roughneck; there are plenty of technical and managerial jobs to be found here–there are even jobs behind (gasp!) desks.

Of course, we specialize in finding those desk jobs (and lab and field jobs) all the way up to CEO. And we concur with AOL’s observation that there are many jobs currently available. The article also has an interesting slide show of all the different types of work that this huge industry requires.

If you are looking for a job or new career direction in the oil and gas industry, please take a look at our open positions. If you are company looking for top oil and gas talent, we invite you to contact us.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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