The interviewing process: the biggest fear of all

The thought of looking for a new job can be gut-wrenching. And research shows the biggest fear associated with this process is the interview.  According to Glassdoor, “92% of Americans are afraid of at least one thing about the job interview process.”

It’s that fear of the unknown. Will you be too nervous? Are you overqualified for the job? Worse yet, could you be underqualified? Will you be stumped by the employer’s questions?

At Key Corporate Services, we deal with the angst of the interview process head-on. As executive recruiters specializing in 7 divisions, we do represent the employer, so you should present yourself as if you were dealing directly with the employer.  But we try to make it as relaxing and low-pressured as possible.

It is very important to be open with us because the more we know about you, the better we are able place you in the right position. Establishing a good working relationship from the start leads to a positive long-term relationship that may impact your future career goals.

Everyone is different when coping under the pressure, but the best advice to help manage job interview fear is to simply be prepared. We like to say it’s doing your homework. Conduct research on the company, anticipate questions (practice those tough ones), and act professionally. Preparation is half the battle.

These are staples that will stand the test of time, regardless of the latest job interview trends.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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