The Three most important skills to highlight in any job interview- Skill # 2-Problem solving

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In just about any interview, the hiring manager is going to try to ascertain how adept the candidate is at problem solving.  Let’s face it; having the ability to solve problems is a key characteristic of the most valued employee. Everyone wants employees who can “think on their feet” without a lot of supervision.  For the candidate, being able to highlight this skill in an interview is critically important.

So, how can it be done?

We recommend showing this ability by telling a story. And fashion your story in three parts.  First, tell the interviewer what the problem was. Discuss the issues and the seriousness of the dilemma.  Then, explain in detail how you solved the problem.  If you enlisted the help of others, explain how you solicited help and how you arrived at a solution. How did your action result in benefiting the company? Were there improved efficiencies? Was morale of the workforce improved? Was waste eliminated?

By using a simple story to show your problem solving skills, you not only will keep the interviewer’s attention, but also use a time-proven method (story-telling) to effectively highlight a specific example of using this critical skill-set in the workplace to solve a complex problem.

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