The Top Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2015- Trend #1

Key Corporate Services works closely with many companies across several different industries, networking between hiring managers and candidates to fill key positions. A recent article by HR site that discussed trends in recruiting consequently caught our eye.

Any company recruiter looking to hire the best employees in 2015 will have to be knowledgeable of these trends if they are to succeed in landing the brightest candidates.

The first trend lies in realizing who really holds the “power” in 2015 in the job marketplace.  A somewhat startling revelation is that 83% of recruiters are saying it’s no longer an employer-driven market, but rather one controlled by the candidate.

“In a candidate-driven marketplace, “passive recruiting approaches” simply stop working.”  Candidates are in the drivers seat and have multiple options in career directions.

What is means for the corporate hiring manager is that they must now increase the speed of hiring.  Also, as the proportion of “millennials” in the labor pool increases, recruiters will have to increasingly “sell” candidates on the position. 

Candidates are increasingly adopting the “why-should-I-work-for-you?” attitude, which you must adjust to if you expect to land the best.

At Key Corporate Services, we focus on all the trends in hiring. And, our knowledge in what candidates are expecting from employers can be a great asset any company recruiter can use as we help them find the best candidates for open positions.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team