The Top Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2015- Trend #2

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The Top Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2015- Trend #1

In an age dominated by the Internet and smart phones, it’s only logical that recruiting firms need to increasingly use these mediums in communication with their clients.

Individuals should be able to apply for a job directly from their mobile phones. ACCEPT THIS AS A GIVEN.

But, it should go farther than just that.  The leading edge tech-savvy recruiting firms now realize that the mobile platform should dominate every area of recruiting, because of its versatility and its incredibly high response rate (compared to other communications platforms).

We’re talking about everything from:

  1. communicating with prospects/candidates
  2. spreading your employer brand messages
  3. viewing recruiting and job description videos
  4. pushing relevant open jobs to applicant communities.

And, why shouldn’t smart phones be used to offer live Hangouts/Meetups, for candidate skill assessment, for most candidate interviews, to find referrals, and finally to allow individuals to accept job offers?

Recruiters and hiring managers must be able to approve reqs, post jobs, post videos, review resumes, schedule interviews, and other administrative tasks from their mobile phone.

Employees must be able to do all referral administration and apply for internal openings on their phone.

If your firm is not currently using all these technologies via the smart phone, consider moving in that direction.  It will give you that competitive advantage!

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team