The Value Research Plays in Landing a Job

There’s an old adage that goes… “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Practice – Practice – Practice!”

We could certainly apply a variation of that adage to the question… “How do you land your dream job?”


It’s true.

While using the services of an executive recruiter like Key Corporate Services can provide a lot of information on a company and a job opening, it’s the candidate’s responsibility to do the necessary research.

Don’t expect to land your dream job by quickly updating a five-year-old CV, sending it with a cookie cutter cover letter, and arriving at your interview unprepared.

Whether it’s an opening with a company within your inbookdustry, one you heard about through your professional network of contacts, or some online posting that caught your attention, adequate research is critical to your success in snagging that perfect job. Before you send a customized resume or make any contact with the company, we suggest the following research be done:

1. Research the company

Today, with information so readily available on the internet, there’s absolutely no reason why an applicant shouldn’t know a great deal about a company’s history, any current news or announcement the company has made, along with their mission statement. If an interviewer asks you what you know about their company, you want to be prepared to talk about how the company was started, its history, and its mission statement.

2. Research the role

Research to learn about the role you are applying for. The more you know, the better. It will help you explain how you see yourself “fitting” in and being an immediate asset. Social networks, the corporate website, and job boards like Glassdoor contain information about various positions within the company.

3. Research the products and services

You certainly want to know the products and services that your potential employer offers. What is their market and who are their major competitors? What is their major product line? Then, identify questions related to these products and services you that can ask during the interview to show interest and understanding.

4. Research the market

Having an understanding of the market in which the company competes is critical. Research the challenges facing the company and the industry as a whole. Identify questions related to these challenges to ask during the interview. An applicant that engages the hiring manager in discussions about his company’s market challenges helps to portray themselves as someone already thinking about how they can contribute as ateam member.

5. Research the skills and experiences needed for the job…and how you match up point by point.

Somewhere in the interview, you will be asked…“Tell me why you want to work for our company?”

This is your opportunity to share specific skills and experiences directly aligned to the needs of the position. In order to make your pitch a successful one, spend a great deal of time beforehand researching the requirements of the job. You have to be able to articulate forcefully how you match up in each area.

In short, research is key to success in landing a new job. It will enable you to present yourself in the most advantageous and impressive manner.

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