Tips for working with your recruiter #2: Be open to the possibility of a new position, even if you are not actively searching

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Tips for working with your recruiter #1: Understand how executive recruiting firms work

If you are a person of top-level talent in your industry, you might get a call or an email from an executive recruiting firm at any time. The firm may have a position to introduce to you right now, or they may be looking to build a relationship with you that can benefit you both later.

We typically get a very positive response from the candidates we contact. It’s also true, however, that the number one reason people give for not being interested in a conversation is that they are not currently searching for a job.

It’s a fair point, but there are reasons to consider what a recruiter has to say, even if you are happy in your current job:

  • The best time to consider new options is when you already have a job. You have all the leverage because you don’t have to make a deal. You can calmly and rationally consider any offers that come your way.
  • It’s a good reality check on your value in the job market. It can’t hurt to see what other compensation packages are out there and consider whether you are getting all you deserve. If you have not changed jobs in a while, there could be good news that surprises you.
  • It may open up possibilities that you hadn’t even considered. For example, you may have the opportunity to relocate to an exciting city, reduce your commuting time, travel more, travel less, or just do something more interesting or fulfilling. It’s not necessarily just about higher compensation. A new adventure may await you.

As in most situations in life, an open mind is to your advantage when a recruiter requests a few moments of your time. Every day, we see little conversations lead to big and positive life changes.

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