Top Recruiting Trends to Watch for in 2015- Trend #3

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As the economy improves, competition for the best talent ramps up. Consequently, companies need to expedite speed of hire.

By simply speeding up the interview process, a company can strategically position itself as a leader in its industry in landing the best talent.  So, how does a company expedite this process?

As one of the country’s top executive recruiters, Key Corporate Services offers the following suggestions:

Keep realistic job specs

Job specs should clearly reflect the needs of the position. However, avoid position specs that are so high few prospects can meet the requirements.  In such case, time will be wasted when the hiring manager has to restart the search again with lower specs.

Speed up the interview process

Avoid delays in the interview scheduling and interview processes. This can be achieved by such things as limiting the number of interviews, using live video or telephone interviews, or even holding all interviews on the same day. And limit hiring consensus to one or two decision-makers!

If you’re a hiring manager looking to fill a strategic position, we at Key Corporate Services can help.  It’s our job to stay abreast of the trends in recruiting.

Our specialists will work closely with you as you fashion the most competitive package that will both ATTRACT and FILL that KEY position.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team