Unemployment is down, and now is a great time to search for a new position!

On March 8, the Associated Press reported that unemployment had fallen to 7.7%, and employers added 236,000 jobs in February. According to the article,

The government’s February employment report was filled with mostly encouraging details. The unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in four years. Hiring has averaged more than 200,000 per month since November. Wages increased. And the job gains were broad-based, led by the best construction hiring in six years.

But there’s even more to the story. In a recent discussion we had in the office, partner Jeff Wilson observed that the unemployment rate for the type of professionals we typically place is half the national average: about 3.5%, or what one would expect in a fairly good economy.

Although the economy and job market continue to be tough on a lot of people, the fact is that professionals in several industries are in great demand right now. In each of our practice areas, we are getting in lots of new positions that companies really need to have filled–as soon as possible.

Since we are in favor of people fulfilling their dreams and finding happiness in their work, we always encourage them to interview whenever they learn of a good opportunity.  Right now is an excellent time to interview.

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Key Corporate Services Blog Team