Ways to attract the RIGHT candidate to your job posting.

Key Corporate Services is a very successful executive recruiting firm.  The reason we’ve been in business for so long is that we do a great job matching great talent to those open positions our corporate clients have.  This productive relationship is appreciated and has resulted in some very long-term relationships.

While we could spend a lot of time highlighting the benefits of using our services, if you are a company trying to “go it alone” in posting jobs and locating the right candidates, there are some basic guidelines you must follow in today’s market if you are going to be successful.

We offer the following suggestions:

  1. Use social media

Most companies are now embracing social media to promote products and corporate brand. But, are you using it to grow your workplace brand?

By 2020, forty percent of the workforce will be millennials. These people use Facebook to research a company’s culture. Your social media should include posts that not only highlight your products, but also your employees and what it’s like to work in the office.

And, how you post on social media is important. You need to develop a corporate “voice” that has personality. The culture of a company is important to this group. Your mission statement must be attractive and you must advertise yourself as a great corporate citizen, supporting good causes beyond just “the bottom line”.

Use Twitter to share job postings. This will ultimately give you access to a new pool of candidates.

Go mobile

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again and again: you need to go mobile. The job search already has. The Job Seeker Nation Study found that job searching is no longer restricted to the home: 38% of people look for a job during their commute and 36% even do so while dining at a restaurant.

Both your job listings and applications need to be compatible with mobile devices. Make it easy for people to share postings via social media, text, and email, so the right candidate can be informed of positions.

Make it easy for candidates to start and return to an application at their convenience. That way, they can enter in basic information on the go and upload their resume and cover letter from home, if need be.

  1. Choose your words carefully

How much time do you really spend reading a candidate’s resume? Job seekers give your job posts even less time. Keep your listings detailed, without making them wordy. It’s unnecessary to include a complete history of the company; you need to get the reader excited about the job before you get them excited about the company.

In addition to listing general responsibilities, provide concrete examples. Ask employees in similar positions to describe their typical day, to help you accurately describe the job. Use keywords within the listing to help it show up in searches.  And, these same keywords will help the best candidates find your postings.

If you have tried all these suggestions are still frustrated and unsuccessful in finding the right candidates for your company, perhaps we could help.

We would welcome a call to discuss your needs.

-from The Key Corporate Services Blog Team