What does it take to get and keep talent in 2015 — from the employees’ perspective?

Relationships between employers and their employees have always been subject to trends and issues affecting the global marketplace.  As proof, you need look no further than the affect the millennials are having on the current job market.  Their desires (immediately) and expectations (fulfillment) of what they want in a career are a far cry from those of their grandparents.

A 2014 global workforce study, conducted by corporate consulting firm Towers Watson highlighted some emerging trends.

A key revelation from the study has to do with the changing attitude employees have of their employer.  In the past, the mantra of any business was “know the customer’s needs and meet them”.   While this will always be important, employees are increasingly demanding the same thing of their employers. 

Seventy percent of employees agree that their organization should understand employees to the same degree that employees are expected to understand customers. However, fewer than half (43%) report having an employer that understands them in this way.

So, what does it take to keep talent in 2014? The research revealed:

  • Always be competitive in the fundamentals — base pay, job security and career advancement opportunities
  • Close to a quarter of employees say they are “disengaged.”  So,  it is essential for companies to understand the factors that drive sustainable engagement.
  • Sustainable engagement requires strong leaders and managers. In companies where both leaders and managers are perceived by employees as effective, 72% of employees are highly engaged.
  • An employer needs to have a well-define employment deal with employees.  Know what your employees want/expect (in the way of benefits and career advancement). Employees who feel their organization is effective in areas of the employment deal are significantly more likely to be highly engaged than those who do not.

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