When Is It Time To Leave?

 Key Corporate Services is a major executive recruiting firm in Indianapolis and the country. Candidates come to us in various states of employment.  Some are between jobs, some are relatively recent college graduates looking for that first real job in their chosen industry, and still others are currently working but feel it’s time for a career change.

UntitledIf you are reading this post and are in the last group, your decision to leave your current employer is not unique. A study by Harris Interactive indicates a full 74 percent of people would today consider finding a new job. And, other surveys show 32 percent of the workforce is actively looking.

Reasons given for leaving are many, including issues with a boss, to lack of empowerment, to internal politics.

Still, you may be experiencing some uncertainty about the merits of “jumping ship” for a new company.  If so, consider these three additional reasons that may help you feel justified to make that move:

You know you are not doing your best work

If you feel you are not giving your best in the job, consider leaving. While there are times we all feel rushed as if there are not enough hours in the day to get our work done, consistently not doing good work that you are capable of doing, could be an indicator you are not engaged in your work. Are there ways to engage in work?  Can you find the passion in the job that is currently missing?  If your answer is no, it may be time to move on.

Your work environment is preventing you from being productive

Teaming with co-workers is often a necessary part of the job to accomplish goals.  But, if the other employees are a distraction and preventing any real work from getting done, it’s time for a change. Perhaps you could try time management strategies to manager co-worker intrusions. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to move on.

The company culture is not a good fit.

It’s always recommended that you research and ask the questions needed to understand a company’s culture BEFORE going to work for them.  But, we know that sometimes you have to be inside the company before you really experience what that culture is like. You may not always completely agree with your company’s strategy but if you do not understand how or why decisions are being made, you may not fit into the corporate culture.

Perhaps making a lateral move into another department or under a different manager will be a better “fit” for you. But, if the problem is the company’s overall strategy, look to make a bigger change.

While the thought of job hunting, preparing and submitting resumes, going on interviews, and starting a new job can be a stressful process, sometimes it is the best option.

If you are committed to moving on, give us a call.

At Key Corporate Services, our specialists are knowledgeable of the job market and can help you successfully transition to that new position.


From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team.