3 Great Recruiting Tips- #1-Eliminate Recruiting Bottlenecks!

As the economy improves, employers are faced with the challenge of not only finding great employees but keeping them. Recent surveys indicate that upwards of 75% of the American workforce is at least “open” to the idea of a new job, if not actively seeking one.

Companies know that employee churn is expensive and should be minimized where possible. It’s also time-consuming, inefficient and morale deflating. So, how does a company FIND, then LOCK IN a great employee for the long-term?

One way is to eliminate the bottleneck that often stymies the recruiting process itself.

Streamline your hiring process wherever possible. Eliminate those inefficiencies that put your company at a disadvantage against the competition. We’re talking about the red tape, heel-dragging and indecision that may need to be purged.

Find a way to improve the understanding between all parties involved in the hiring process. The recruiter and the hiring manager should have a clear understanding of the qualifications and objectives from day one.

Realize your competitors are finding ways to streamline their hiring process to land the top talent first. Don’t be left behind.

As soon as you come across a fantastic candidate – whether via LinkedIn, an employee referral, or a resume on your desk – don’t wait around to initiate contact. Pick up the phone and get the ball rolling. It may seem obvious, but moving quickly is key. Schedule that interview and don’t let days or weeks pass before getting back to the candidate with feedback, more interview requests, and, ideally, an offer.

At Key Corporate Services, we have long-term relationships with several companies who appreciate how we efficiently connect them to great candidates.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team.