3 great Recruiting Tips-#2 Make loving your company easy

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Make It Easy for Prospects to Love You

In this competitive job market, you have to go after top talent with all the vigor of a marathon runner.  Take, for instance, this example.  You are a small company with a critical senior level position to fill. You have found someone who exactly fits the bill.  He has all the experience and qualifications that will help drive your company to success in the near future.  But, there’s a problem.  He is located on the other side of the country.  He is reluctant to make the drastic move.  What do you do?

You have to consider the whole compensation package being offered.

Find a way to sweeten the pot. Maybe you could cover moving costs.  Perhaps, throw in an allowance to cover some of the initial costs associated with purchase of the new home. Could you offer something else he currently doesn’t enjoy as a benefit in his job, like a company car?

It’s an investment that may seem risky, but big moves typically signal a big commitment. While these perks may seem risky and unnecessary, realize more and more of your competitors are jumping onboard in maximizing packages to land top talent.

Differentiating yourself from the field can pay off in spades.

You only need to observe how sports franchises sweeten the pot when they woo top athletes. While you may not have the budget of the Chicago Bulls and your new hire may not be the Michael Jordan of the marketing/engineering/nursing (you fill in the blank) world, offering small things like flexible hours, casual dress, free lunches and great company spirit make a difference.

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