3 Great Recruiting Tips- #3 – Sell your culture- and your region

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balloons-15784__180Sell Your Culture — and Your Region

It’s been well established that company culture can be a magnet for recruiting given the right circumstances. We’ve all heard the stories about the eccentric and light-hearted atmosphere of tech startups like Google helped draw in some of the talented young prospects that were disillusioned with the restrictive culture of Corporate America.

If you’re a small tech company in Kansas, your prospects of competing with tech giants like Google or Facebook for candidates are slim. But you can play up your own unique strengths.

Entice candidates with the chance to play an active role in the trajectory of your company. People want to be a part of something greater than themselves, so this opportunity – which is often not available at larger companies – is a huge selling point.

Unique employee services need to be highlighted during the recruiting process.  Things like free childcare, awesome volunteerism opportunities, a matching donations program or stock in the company – can work wonders for retention and long-term engagement.

Company sponsored team-building events like trampoline dodge ball, or any number of other ways for employees to work together and be competitive can give people a break form the normal office routine.  More importantly, it shows the value a business puts in its employees.  A company playing dodgeball is probably looking for some youthful enthusiasm and competitiveness.  And, a business that holds big family barbecues is probably looking to foster a welcoming environment.

Promoting the corporate culture as an enticement during the recruiting process can be a challenge. There has to be committed support from upper management. In particular, it can be difficult balancing the idea of using culture as a recruiting tool against finding candidates who specifically fit within a company’s ethos.

As a major executive recruiter, Key Corporate Services works with companies who value and promote cultural strengths as they recruit top candidates.

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