5 Reasons to quit your job as soon as you can!

As a premier executive recruiter in business for eleven years, we know there are lots of reasons a candidate decides to leave an employer and look for a new job. The most common involve a desire for better pay or opportunity.

Quitting a job is seldom a simple decision. According to Jeff Hayden, contributing editor of Inc. Magazine, there are a lot of reasons to quit your job (once you have something else lined up, of course.)  Five reasons we found compelling are:

1. Your input is disregarded… or not even wanted.

Caring about your job is directly dependent on feeling that your ideas are being taken seriously; that you are contributing in a special way.

2. You get criticized publicly.

We all should expect constructive criticism in our jobs.  But, the proper place for this feedback is in private.

3. Your boss manages up, not down.

Great managers focus on supporting their team, not spending all their time “following” their boss. No one wants to feel they’re developing their boss’s career at the expense of your own.

4. You feel like a number.

While we all work for a paycheck, your boss should show interest in you on a personal level by occasionally asking about family, asking if you need any help, or taking time to simply to say a kind word… if not, then you’re just a cog in a larger machine.

5. You don’t think you can do anything else.

People who spend a long time in one job start suffering from tunnel vision. They feel “there’s nothing else they can do.” The reality is…you can do something else. You can do lots of “something else’s.”

If any of the reasons listed above resonate with you, or if you’re just curious about how one of our specialists can help you in your career, give us a call.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team