Are you on a layoff list? How to begin searching now before losing that job.

You see the signs everywhere- significant downsizing, merging of departments and numerous layoffs of executives.  And, your inner-self is telling you the axe could swing your way anytime.

So, what do you do?

Being in the recruiting business ourselves, we at Key Corporate Services offer these suggestions:

Begin using the time you have left to your advantage

Start looking for a new position right away, contacting people within your professional network and working with an outplacement firm to rework your resume. You have to change your mindset to place yourself in the job market.  The sooner you do that, the better.

Create a new resume that appeals to a broader audience

Instead of positioning yourself to a specific niche, create a resume that paints you with a broader stroke; market yourself to a wider market.

Use networking skills to create a new list of contacts

Begin to become more proactive in selling yourself. When you are trying to see people, you shouldn’t always present yourself as someone who is “looking for an interview.” Instead, say you’d like to come by and introduce yourself. The way you position yourself is critical. Executives will perceive you differently.

Follow the four P’s-  Planning, persistence, pals and prayer

Keeping faith through this process is critical.  And, having a network of pals who you meet with on a regular basis just to keep you going in the right direction is important.


Consider engaging the services of a good executive recruiter like Key Corporate Services and the valuable assistance they can bring to your efforts. 

At Key Corporate Services, we have a stellar 14-year record of placing executives (at all levels) in new, challenging positions.

Check out our current openings and give us a call if we can help.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team