Employment networking- there’s a proper way to do it!

Most people who are looking for a job realize the importance of networking among contacts. Networking will always be an effective way to learn about job opportunities. But, there’s a proper way to go about it.  And, if done correctly, it can turn a dreaded experience into effective bonding.

Here’s the key thing to remember:

When you’re networking, ask for a reference, not a job.

Whether you’re doing catch-up drinks or grabbing lunch to reconnect, your main goal is to get an ally, not a tally of job listings. Recruiting a helping hand to your search is your aim. 

You don’t wan to ask your college buddy or your boss from two jobs ago if she has the names of any people who are currently looking to hire somebody like you. It puts them on the spot.

No, instead, ask for a reference. Tell them the type of positions you are and are not suited for, and what you’re hoping to achieve in your next opportunity.

By not putting them on the spot about specific job openings, you reduce the awkwardness inherent in the networking conversation.  Do ask them if you can use them as a reference at some future date.  This makes them feel good about themselves for being a good friend and helping you out with this little favor.

All of which means that you have a new buddy in your search — one who’s going to be thinking about keeping an eye out for new opportunities and an ear open for fresh possibilities for their reference-able friend: you.

By making your networking about compliments, you’ll find it pays dividends.

At Key Corporate Services, we like to “buddy” with candidates in their job search.  And, there are many reasons why we can help you find the right job in the least amount of time.

Give one of your specialists a call if you work in any of the industries we represent.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team