Finding those “hidden” job openings

As one of the top executive search companies in the country, Key Corporate Services is ALL ABOUT finding job opportunities.  We tell candidates seeking a new job to be creative.  And, know the basic facts about WHERE to LOOK.

Reflecting on the job search process, we offer these tips to assist you as you uncover those “hidden” job opportunities.

Did you know that about 80% of all job openings never reach the general public?

For example, when there is a job opening, employers may ask their employees or colleagues for recommendations of possible applicants. Employees may hear of a prospective job opening within their company and pass the word along, employers may contact prior applicants, or a job seeker may approach the company at just the right time and be hired before an opening is announced. Though the online job boards are always a great way to uncover job leads, being resourceful by integrating other tactics into your search will help you uncover opportunities like these.

So, how can you tap into this “hidden” job market? 

Successful job hunters learn to develop their own job leads.  If you are currently unemployed and have the time, practice networking. You can use any contacts you have to learn of prospective openings and work at developing new contacts.

In theory, networking is basic discipline – it takes time, commitment and dedication.  But, the reality is, If you already have a job but looking for a new one, you may not have the time to network. And that’s when we can help.

Using a top executive search firm like Key Corporate Services can expedite your transition to a new career.

Our specialists each maintain a network relationship with companies in specific industries and often know of opportunities that will NEVER be posted on job boards.

At Key Corporate Services, we help our candidates network with great companies every day.  Let us put a specialist to work for you.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team