Four Tips to Overcome Low Unemployment in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has a talent shortage, and it isn’t going away any time soon.

Demand for top-tier talent continues to exceed the pool of skilled workers in industries like manufacturing and IT, resulting in many positions going unfilled. The gap between the list of available candidates and open positions required to drive business strategy is having a negative impact on the ability of organizations to stay profitable. To stay viable long-term, the manufacturing sector needs to proactively address the issues now. Here are 4 tips to overcome low unemployment in manufacturing:

  1. Train Early – Companies can no longer wait for applicants to come to them. Businesses must enact processes that approach (and possibly recruit) younger people early in their educational endeavors – as soon as high school – to provide training for the opportunities to come.
  2. Incentivize – Skilled workers have leverage, so it falls upon organizations to identify methods for offering incentives that appeal to those in the labor market. Consider what attracts people to your company, and find ways to magnify those positives.
  3. Boost Education – A large percentage of the potential workforce doesn’t even know about the opportunities a company can offer. Businesses must make a concerted effort to improve the transparency and awareness of roles in manufacturing through increased education and outreach.
  4. Expand the Boundaries – Manufacturing jobs aren’t just for men. More than half of the U.S. population is women, but they hold less than 7 percent of the available manufacturing jobs. Companies must make a more concerted effort to fill open roles, regardless of preconceived notions about gender.

Working with an executive search firm like Key Corporate Services can help close the employment gap. Connect with us today to learn about other strategies to overcome low unemployment in the manufacturing and engineering sector.