Headhunters come in two flavors: generalist and specialist

When looking for an Executive Recruiter, your work experience and education will often determine your best match. Recruiters fall into two broad categories; they are either generalists or specialists. An article by Kennedy Executive Search discussed the differences.

generalist recruiter is one who works on a variety of accounts, recruiting for a wide range of job functions, industry sectors, and locations. Recruiting firms are often generalists, covering many different management functions (e.g., sales) and industries (e.g., textiles). Generalist firms should not be ignored, especially at the higher executive ranks.

However, quite a few firms (and many individual recruiters) do specialize. To make your search as effective as possible, consider recruiters who cover your function and specialize in your industry. It makes sense to use a specialist recruiter, whose focus is on filling positions in industries aligned to your area of experience.

A specialist recruiter like Key Corporate Services focuses on a particular job function or industry and typically recruits higher-level jobs within a niche. Our specialists focus on finance and accountingpharmaceuticals and biotechoil and gasmanufacturing and engineeringconsumer products and horticultureindustrial chemicals, and food ingredients.

At Key Corporate Services, we are “tapped in” to our 7 areas of specialty. When you work with one of our specialist recruiters, rest assured they are familiar with the industry terminology and know all the key players. And, most importantly, they have the connections to those companies with the current jobs.

Yes, we are a local (Indianapolis) company, but we recruit and fill positions nationally.
And our success has not gone unnoticed. In 2012, Key Corporate Services was listed by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the Top 10 search firms by size in the Indianapolis area.

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