How to Hire the Best Executive – It’s Not All about the Search

Finding the best candidates for your executive search isn’t just about the search process.

An executive search firm decrying the search process? Before you jump to conclusions about industry sacrilege, consider the following additional key points of discussion:

  • Simplify for Applicants – Too much information about a role or excessive layers of responsibilities and expectations can drown an applicant. Put yourself in the shoes of those you’re looking to attract. You want to provide a concise description of the role and what separates legitimate potential candidates from those looking to hit a Send button quota. Direct processes deliver the best results.
  • Money Matters – The so-called unwritten rules about discussing salary are just impediments to overcome down the road. Your organization has a budget for the role, and candidates are looking for a certain range. Putting those two divergent talking points on the table up front can save a lot of wasted time. If the numbers are close, you can proceed. If not, you move on.
  • Be Open-Minded – You’re looking to fill an important executive role in your organization. Walking into that process with an unwavering list of what you want leaves no room for negotiation. You’re ideal candidate may not exist. But several candidates may be out there who check most of the boxes, and with some creative thinking initial obstacles may be overcome. Come to the table expecting to negotiate and you’re more likely to walk away with a high-quality hire.
  • Transparency – Your time is valuable, as is that of the job candidates. The clearer you are during the hiring cycle, the better your company looks in the eyes of the candidate. A little consideration can go a long way.

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