Qualifications are Just the Start

What initially gets you in the door for an interview with a potential employer is the assessment that you may be a good fit for their company based on your qualifications. Qualifications, however, are just one piece of the puzzle. While you may think you’re the best bet for a role on paper, other factors can influence an employer when making the final decision.

Factors Influencing Employers to Hire You

  1. Hiring QualificationsCulture – The importance of maintaining a healthy, robust, supportive, and rewarding company culture has become one of increased importance during the past decade. Whereas in the past organizations often held more leverage, making employees feel they should be beholden to the generosity of their company, the times have changed. Turnover – and its costs – has increased, so finding and keeping the right employee is necessary to ensure continuity and overall success. A positive company culture goes a long way toward ensuring employees are content in their roles, feel they have opportunities for growth, and are satisfied with their total compensation. You must ensure hiring managers believe you’re a good fit for the company’s culture. Research the culture of the organization with which you plan to interview. Your recruiter may have information about the company, or you can reach out to co-workers or past employees of the company. During the interview, ask your interviewer to tell you about the culture so that you can sprinkle in some attributes you bring to the organization that align with their culture.
  2. Drive – Why do you want the job? What makes it so appealing to you and how do see yourself growing within the company? The people interviewing you want to get a sense that you’re driven to succeed – that you have a passion for the company, its mission, and your role in the organization. Many candidates may seem ideal on paper but in person exhibit indifference. Just because you know how to do a job doesn’t mean you’re the right fit for it. When interviewing, it’s imperative you display engagement in the opportunity. How you speak, your body language, and your general demeanor communicate a lot of information. Your drive and passion needs to be contagious.

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