The Key Corporate Services Difference

Hiring the Right Recruiting Firm

The cost of a bad hire can be astounding. One expert placed the expense in the six figure range. When you have a critical need in your company, it is imperative you partner with a search firm to ensure you find the ideal candidate.

Here’s why you should choose Key Corporate Services for your next hiring search:

  1. Hiring the right Recruiting FirmWins – Clients that partner with Key Corporate Services interview, on average, just 3.3 candidates to make a hire, leading to a 98 percent success rate of filling the role.
  2. Experience – For almost 20 years, we’ve worked with organizations nationwide to build an extensive network of candidates and hiring authorities. Our established relationships ensure you’ll have access to the best talent on the market.
  3. Targeted Expertise – Many corporate search firms try to be all things to all people. We believe this leads to a lack of focus for our clients. Key Corporate Services targets specific industries, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, specialty and industrial chemicals, and food processing.
  4. Presence – Representatives from Key Corporate Services attend numerous trade shows throughout the year, which strengthens our networking capabilities. Our presence at industry events has helped us to build our impressive reputation.
  5. Deep Dives – Our reach within key industries enables us to know which candidates are interested in looking, perhaps to join your company, but won’t respond to job postings on your company website or online. We cut through the red tape.
  6. Framing the Story – At Key Corporate Services, we’ve developed our abilities to attract top-notch talent. But a job description isn’t enough without context. We partner with our clients to weave a story about your opportunity, making it compelling for potential hires.
  7. Cost Savings – Our proven, streamlined success practices reduce the time and money spent on search efforts. You get the right candidates in an acceptable amount of time, at a fair cost.

Are you ready to streamline your hiring processes and find the right candidate for your open position? Contact us today to get started.