How a Retained Search Firm Helps Achieve Your Organizational Restructuring Goals

Executive reviewing documents for merger and acquisition; Business photo created by mindandi - www.freepik.comThe havoc that ensued once Sprint and Nextel’s merger was finalized back in 2004 is among the most impressive failures in recent merger and acquisition history. Although the New York Times cited the merger as the creation of a “Cellphone Powerhouse,” hopes that this would pan out as fact quickly died.

The underlying problem? The mass exodus of key executives without anyone available to help engage senior leadership destabilized the pairing. An executive search firm would have provided the necessary support, industry knowledge and extensive recruitment experience required to ensure organizational restructuring success.

Executive Search Helps Organizational Restructuring Succeed in the Long Term

A retained search firm could have helped iron out the kinks. Harvard Business Review notes that studies consistently place the failure rate of M&A’s between 70-90%. This is a powerful number when as little as 10% of companies are achieving their goals post-merger. Some of the reasons this percentage is so high include:

  • Lost executive leadership
  • Disrupted or undefined culture
  • Lack of communication
  • Poor restructuring and recruitment practices

A Retained Search Firm Boosts Positive Outcomes For Companies

As Brandon Miller of Key Corporate Services (KSC) points out, an executive search specialist isn’t simply someone monitoring job websites or searching LinkedIn. KSC’s goal is to establish relationships with both employers and candidates while gaining a deep understanding of business goals, opportunities, and assets. The team at KSC helps companies smoothly restructure talent which offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced short-term and long-term turnover
  • Higher offer-acceptance rates
  • Culture-based talent acquisition
  • Improved return on investment

Executive search requires in-depth industry knowledge and an ongoing study of the market to truly understand who would be the best fit for a company. Because a retained search firm focuses on relationship building and relies on sophisticated methodology to identify the best candidates, companies are primed to flourish after a merger or acquisition.

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