Recruitment for the Contract Research Industry – An Interview with Brandon Miller of Key Corporate Services

Brandon Miller is a Partner, Executive Search & Advisory – Drug Discovery and Preclinical CROBrandon Miller is a Partner, Executive Search & Advisory – Drug Discovery and Preclinical CRO

As an executive recruiter, why focus on contract research and the drug development industry?

The people in this industry are so fascinating. Many are former scientists, as well as being experts in sales and business development. Their backgrounds are extremely complex and technical, so providing them with business consulting is not just an exciting opportunity, but a way to learn deeper aspects of their education, experience, goals, and the ways they’re working to improve peoples’ lives. There is also constant change and many moving parts which often requires relational expertise developed over a long period of time – that’s where I can make an impact.

How did you get to this point in your career? What brought you into the industry?

Oddly, I began my career in counseling at a drug addiction in-patient facility. The business side came later. Through an acquaintance, I transitioned to the health insurance industry and frequently interacted with C-Suite executives. In that time, I learned terminology and trends, becoming further entrenched in the wellness industry. Using my industry knowledge, I found I had a skillset that was adaptable to the search industry. I began at a boutique executive search firm and later joined Key Corporate Services. I’ve been with KCS now for 3 years.

What do you specialize in and where do you see the industry going?

My focus is in drug discovery and the preclinical side of the industry, before compounds enter human trials. I help identify candidates in leadership and management, those who understand the strategic and commercial aspects of drug development. The industry has constricted some during the past 5 years as larger companies absorb smaller organizations with promising drugs in development. Mergers and acquisitions are a constant element. But as with any vertical, trends are cyclical. While the focus now is on the discovery side of the process, not too long ago the spotlight was on later stage clinical trials. I expect it will eventually turn back toward those areas.

For someone in the drug development and clinical research space, why does working with an executive recruiter make sense?

Key Corporate Services has been helping match employers and executives in this industry for a very long time. We have an extensive network that’s always growing through our presence at trade shows and conferences. We have developed a sound and successful process for identifying people with skill sets that line up with needs in the industry. For candidates, the benefits include our positive relationships with companies looking to fill executive-level roles. We understand why a change might be necessary, and we also see when obstacles may prohibit top candidates from taking that next step. We’re able to bridge those gaps to establish partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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