How Social Media Can Cost You Your Dream Job

Social media isn’t just fun and games. While networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be an enjoyable way to stay connected to friends and family, they can also be internet quicksand if an insensitive, improper, or ill-advised post makes its way into a current or prospective employer’s hands. Stories occur weekly about people in the limelight who suddenly must answer for poor social media choices in the past.

Your social media profiles are now fair game to employers. Any company with a decent human resources department is going to scour the internet to see what they can find out about you online. If the wrong tweet, post, or YouTube video is uncovered, social media can cost you your dream job.

Social Media Tips for Job Searchers

To try and avoid disappointment and embarrassment, here are some tips for ensuring social media doesn’t cost you an opportunity:

  • Clean It Up – The bottom line is if you think you may have put something out in the social media world that could have negative consequences, clean it up. You may not be able to scrub it away completely, but you need to do what you can to leave a positive impression. If you’re aware of a potential issue, begin working out crisis control immediately.
  • Forget Negativity; Be Positive – Some employers are more interested in what positive, encouraging, or interesting information you’ve posted because they feel that’s a better indicator of your potential impact on culture. You may come across employers who will choose to hire someone because of their impressive social media presence.
  • What Would Your Mother Say? – Would your mom be embarrassed by a photo, statement, or link? If the answer is yes, then maybe it doesn’t belong on your feed.
  • The 50/50 Rule – If you’re a person that likes debating politics or social issues on social media, remember that many times, roughly 50% of people may disagree with your stance. That same 50% may be potential employers. So be careful what you post remember if might offend someone. And if you feel you have to post something, make sure it is as respectful as possible.
  • Your Former Self – Most of us did some stupid things or things we aren’t complete proud of when we were kids – that’s part of growing up. But that doesn’t mean you want a potential hiring manager judging you on something you posted in college, high school or earlier. So consider deleting old social media accounts or at least going through and reviewing and deleting certain posts, prior to applying for any positions.

Social media can be a helpful way to build your online brand, but you don’t want a poor choice to impact your employment potential. And if you need assistance with your job search, contact Key Corporate Services today. We have headhunters and recruiting experts that can assist in your job hunt in the following industries: Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Food Ingredients, Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing.