How to deal with an underwhelming boss

Sooner or later in your career, you’re likely to get an underwhelming boss. Online jobsite did a survey and found 80% of respondents said they feel they could do a better job than their current or most recent managers. Sound familiar?

“What can I do about it?” you ask.discordance-798855_640

First, is your assessment accurate?

Do you really know what your boss’ job entails?  He might have challenges and stresses you don’t have to deal with. If you were in his shoes, could you really handle these issues and do better?

Now, consider your options

After careful consideration, if you still think you could do your boss’ job better, consider taking action. After all, your feelings are probably leading to contempt, and having those feelings makes it a tough work environment.  You really have three options. Stay and deal with it, make an internal move to another department, or pursue your boss’ job.

It may be time to leave

When all internal options fail, it may be time to start looking outside the company. After all, there are plenty of options out there beyond putting up with a boss you don’t respect.

If you are considering a move, take a look at our job postings.  And, if your skills and experience match what you see, give us a call. One of our specialists will help you move on to that new, rewarding career.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team