How to research a company before the interview

Researching a company before interviewing is a must. At the very basic, you want to know if the company matches your skills and career objectives. Additionally, thorough research can pay dividends during the interview as you point out some piece of knowledge you uncovered that ties into your skills and makes you the ideal candidate for the job.

researchYou have to expect the interviewer will ask you “Why do you want to work for us?”  Going in armed with a few specifics about the company’s needs/focus and how you can add value can only work in your favor.

At Key Corporate Services, our specialists are extremely knowledgeable of the companies they represent. They share insight on those companies with candidates to thoroughly educate them about the company before the interview.

If you are doing your own research, we suggest your research includes the following areas:

What They Do

What does the company do?  Their name may not initially tell you much. Or, if you are applying to a division/department, if may not occur to you to investigate.   A good source, of course, is the website or social media sites of the company. Reviewing the “about” page is often a good starting point.

Why They Do It

The reason why a business does what it does can provide you with valuable insight into values the company is based on and the passion that fuels the people who work there.   Look for the mission statement.  Can you find a way to incorporate the spirit of the statement in your reasons why you want to work for the company during the interview?  The company’s Facebook and LinkedIn sites may shed valuable information related to the culture and passion of the company.

 Current Events

Being aware of what is going on with a company can be beneficial for obvious reasons. Sift through the company’s social media pages to shed light on the culture of the company. Searching through news coverage can reveal recent accomplishments, releases, or issues you may find useful to incorporate in the interview. Know who the senior leadership of the company is.  Career websites can show comments from past/current employees about working for the company.

Other research areas:

Some additional areas of research might include:

  • How big is the company?
  • How many employees do they have?
  • Who are the major competitors?
  • Who buys the products or services?

Having the answers to some of these questions fresh in your mind could come in handy during your interview — making you memorable enough to stand out from the sea of applicants.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team