How to “Stand out” in a resume

As a major executive recruiter, we see a lot of resumes from candidates. While it’s always the intent to fashion resumes in such a way to “stand out” from the crowd, many times the resumes we see really don’t achieve this mark.

So, what does make a resume scream QUALIFIED! over the all those other resumes sitting in a pile?

Forget the gimmicks-

It’s not the result of some gimmick like using lime green paper or loading your resume with pictures or using a wildly nonstandard font.  In fact, those are things that will get your resume trashed.

Listing experiences and skills are not enough-

Nor is it simply listing experiences and skills associated with a job description.

In reality, the best way to make your resume stand out is to explain not what you’ve done, but what you’ve accomplished.

You want to vividly describe how your actions have delivered positive results for former employers, internships, or projects.

This accomplishment-driven approach should be reflected in every section of your resume, from objectives to experiences to education.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team