How we fill positions “that don’t really exist” with our Corporate Clients

When job hunting, everyone chases the jobs that are posted.  Whether these jobs are listed on job boards, corporate websites, or with employment agencies, the competition can be fierce.  But, sometimes there are positions available with companies that, in actuality, are not listed at all.

Knowing about these jobs and placing a candidate under such circumstances is proof of the value an executive recruiting company like Key Corporate Services brings to the table. The following story of such a placement highlights the critical role our recruiting specialists can play between companies and candidates.

Key Corporate Services identified a candidate who had the ultimate goal of relocating back to the Midwest where she was born and raised. She had a decade of experience selling specialty additives to oil and gas companies but was open to any opportunity that would allow her to use her education and experience and live near her hometown.  Our recruiting specialists’ extensive understanding of the chemical industry and existing contacts allowed them to quickly identify companies that would value her education and experience.   We contacted some of our clients that have asked us to keep them aware of talented candidates when we find them and one of them was interested.

After the onsite interview, even though she didn’t have specific product knowledge, it was clear to both candidate and client that the match promised to be a good one. With a solid onboarding process, and her technical understanding and work ethic, she ramped up quickly in her new market and was able to hit the ground running. 

Many of our clients trust Key Corporate Services to make them aware of solid industry candidates even when they haven’t asked us to fill a specific position.

If you’re a company (or a candidate) wanting us help you make a “winning” match, give us a call.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team