If you work in Finance and Accounting, you should LOVE your job!

Key Corporate Services is one of the top finance and accounting executive search firms in the country.  So, a blog post by Monster.com entitled Finance and Accounting Workers Love Their Jobs naturally caught our eye.

The article stated that finance professionals are among the most satisfied workers, with more than one third (36%) of finance and accounting professionals expressing satisfaction with all aspects of their job. The results came from surveying some 6,000 registered users of the website.

It’s certainly great news for those who work in this industry.  And, while survey respondents express high job satisfaction within the finance and accounting professions, they also indicate confidence (80%) in the prospects of finding a new job in the industry. Nearly one half (43%) of respondents agree that there are more job openings now than there were a year ago; and 46% are willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

As a professional recruiter, we find one particular statistic insightful. When it comes to actually finding a new job,  76% of the respondents think it is more challenging now than it was a year ago.  There is a feeling that the job market is saturated with qualified finance talent.

At Key Corporate Services, our recruiting specialists in Accounting and Finance have several companies currently looking for bright candidates in this field. As always, the challenge is to match the right candidate with the right company.

If you work in Finance and Accounting and are considering a career change, give us a call.  This may be the opportune time to make that move!

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team