It pays to always follow your PASSION when changing careers

One of the real joys of being in the recruiting business is observing great success stories that happen after a candidate is successfully placed in “the job of their dreams.”

Time and time again, some of the best stories involve a candidate who followed their passion in pursuing a career they loved.  Sometimes, there were challenging obstacles that needed to be overcome. But, in the end, a drive fueled by sheer passion brought about success.

Elizabeth is such an example.

She worked in the Food and Ingredients industry as a Chemist making a decent salary. She unfortunately had to give up her beloved profession after her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Before he could even start treatment he died; in a matter of weeks Elizabeth lost her lifelong partner, and dominant supplier for the family. Elizabeth was entrusted with taking care of her two children and couldn’t do so with the job she had, so she quit and attained a job in video production. Elizabeth stuck with her job in video production for roughly 7 years, but grew unhappy has her days progressed.

Her real passion was to get back into the Food and Ingredients industry where she had 7 years’ experience and success in sales at a thriving food ingredient company; it was important to her that she utilized her chemist degree.

But, Elizabeth faced a real challenge. Since she was away from this specialized industry for so long most food ingredient recruiters assured her that going back would not be an easy task.

When she came to Key Corporate Services, we screened her for the position at a company who is an international leader and pioneer in a niche within the industry. Elizabeth continued to make her way up the list. As the interviews progressed she made her way to the final stages of the interview process, and was unanimously chosen by top executives.

Elizabeth not only returned to an industry that she is passionate about, but also tripled her salary making it possible to support her children and send them to college as a single parent.

Today Elizabeth is an Account Sales Manager for the Midwest at a company that recently expanded to two other continents; she is thriving and the company couldn’t be happier with their selection.

As one of the nation’s top food ingredients recruiters, Key Corporate Services is also passionate about matching great candidates to great companies.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team