Job searching? Ways to make yourself standout- #1- ONLINE

As a job hunter, it’s not enough to simply craft a fantastic resume and fire it off to companies.  Thousands of other candidates are also doing the same thing. You have to also have a fantastic online presence. The reality is, lots of employers are searching online for the right candidate. An increasingly important online source is LinkedIn.  So, embrace it

tree-616295__180Rising above the crowd ONLINE

LinkedIn is the largest online business-oriented network in the world.  So, that’s where you want to show skills and abilities that excel above the masses. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be complete and searchable. It needs to be full of keywords related to the type of job you are looking for.

Be active on LinkedIn, following the companies you are interested in. Join groups and participate in discussions.

LinkedIn recommendations are powerful

Strive to acquire lots of recommendations on LinkedIn.  Ask some high-profile people for a recommendation, and be specific with your request: mention exactly what you’d like highlighted, and give them examples to work from.

Have an online portfolio

Remember, you want to stand above the crowd in your online presence. So, do what most people would not take the time to do. Develop a dedicated website that will Showcase your work. It will have a URL you can point employers toward. Consider the required skills for the type of job you’re trying to get, and arrange your portfolio to highlight the work you’ve done in those particular areas.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team