KCS – Following a Proactive Approach to Building a Talent Pool

Key Corporate Services, LLC. tailors the executive search and recruitment process to the specific needs of our clients – qualifying the characteristics of each position to be filled. The fact is, our recruiters are industry specialists. They often have years of experience working within these industries either directly from previous employment or indirectly through contacts established over years of networking as recruiters.

The reason we mention this is an important one. And, it has to do with how a talent pool of candidates is acquired. Frankly, many executive recruiting firms spend their time in reaction mode, playing catch-up in their efforts to establish a pool of qualified candidates to meet their clients’ needs.

Waiting for talent is not a good thing!

You see, talent pools act as sort of a queue line for recruiters as they are comprised of potential candidates that best suit employer’s needs.
But, what client wants to wait in line for a recruiter to find a top candidate for a critical position?

KCS has a better approach!

A more proactive mode is the one Key Corporate Services strives to follow. It involves working to continually develop and maintain a viable talent pool for clients in each specialty division. These include candidates that are available now in addition to those that are not aggressively looking but have told us what job opportunity they would be willing to consider. They have already been pre-screened, pre-assessed and potentially ready to work for a company we bring to them. For instance, in our pharmaceutical division we have known the candidates on average over two years when we place them.

The resulting benefit to our clients is obvious – no waiting in queue to find candidates. Instead, you have immediate access to your industry’s, often hidden, talent.

While we can’t always guarantee immediate availability from our network pool, given the number of variables involved in making a match on a position, it will ALWAYS be our goal to minimize queues for great candidates within any of our divisions.wait-lines

Here are some ways to proactively build a talent pool:

1. Continuously Assess Talent Needs

Our specialists make it a point to stay abreast of industry trends. They attend industry shows throughout the year, meeting both industry insiders and potential candidates. These visits combined with constant, close interaction with hiring managers and HR departments, enable them to know the market variables affecting an industry that drive the supply and demand for talent.

2. Know the Skills, Education and Experience the Company Seeks

Part of the benefit our specialists enjoy by maintaining close relationships with hiring managers is always understanding what skills, education and experience the company seeks. And that doesn’t mean depending on old job descriptions which may not reflect the current skills and talents required in the position.

3. Don’t Dismiss Previous Applicants

Candidates that reached the last round of interviews should not be completely dismissed for future consideration. Our specialists will provide feedback as to why the candidate didn’t get hired. The candidate may be retained within the pool for future consideration when a better fit arises.

A recruiter needs to always be searching for ways to proactively broaden their talent pool with top quality candidates. They owe it to their clients. And, it is a commitment we will always follow at Key Corporate Services.better-idea

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