Key Corporate Services assists client in determining the *market value* of a key position

Companies partner with Key Corporate Services to find top candidates for job openings. They also benefit from our knowledge of the market and associated salary requirements needed to attract and retain those candidates.

Sometimes the responsibilities and experience level of the position needing filled requires the compensation package be “sweetened” in order to match market expectations.  In such cases, Key Corporate Services will communicate with the company to make to package more attractive.

A real-case example of Key Corporate Services helping a company achieve success in filling a critical position through an adjustment in their compensation package is as follows:

A veteran importer and exporter of chemicals in the United States was seeking a Director of Business Development for the east coast. Management was very adamant about a predominantly low salary for a position that is normally quite lucrative. In addition, the candidate would also have to commute into Long Island, which would be rather challenging due to heavy traffic.

Based on our knowledge of the industry we understood that with these restrictions, the quality of candidates would be limited to someone who was coming right out of college, or simply lacked experience in the designated field.

Our recruiters advised the executives to alter the parameters and increase the salary and allow the future employee to work from their home, only having to come to the office every once in a while.

Once the original restrictions were lifted the position was filled within a month and the new Director of Business Development, with solid industry experience and contacts was hired.   

At Key Corporate Services, we use our fourteen years of experience daily to find winning matches between our candidates and the companies we represent.

Let us put our expertise to work for you.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team