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At Key Corporate Services, it’s our job to match candidates to companies. While everyone involved would like this to happen quickly, sometimes the placement takes longer than we would like. Our behavioral interviewing process does enable us to fill any job opening we have at a rate of over 98% and an average of less than 3.3 candidates interviewed for a successful hire.  The following story relates how that process can, on occasion, take longer.

The challenge- a company needing someone with special talents!

As one of the largest distributors of commodity chemicals in the United States, finding the right Regional Sales Manager was vital to maintaining success and competing with other companies in the industry. The individual hired would be responsible for up to $90 million in territory funds, so you could understand why the company was thorough looking for the perfect candidate.

The search was proving difficult!

Before coming to Key Corporate Services for help, this chemical company had already used 11 search firms and screened over 200 applicants in an unsuccessful effort to find a candidate with suitable qualifications.

The company then came to Key Corporate Services for help

With high expectations and urgency to fill the position, the company then retained Key Corporate Services, one of the country’s top chemical sales recruiters, for this search.  Our recruiters went right to work identifying specific behaviors  that the right candidate should possess. Candidates were also screened to match with corporate culture along with market knowledge.

Results- Key Corporate Services was able to fill the position quickly

Key Corporate screened candidates to the job specifications and submitted only those that matched and were serious about the opportunity. We presented our strongest candidates, resulting in four being interviewed with one eventually hired. Good communication, combined with our thorough behavioral interviews conducted in advance, led to the company finding the perfect match without screening another hundred candidates and resumes.

At Key Corporate Services, we’re dedicated to do whatever it takes to match great candidates to great jobs!

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