Perfecting your “elevator” Pitch

interviewer-150450__180Anyone looking for a job should have a great “elevator pitch” prepared.  It’s that short, 30-second speech that summarizes who you are and what you do.

Having such a pitch enables you to quickly and effectively sell yourself anytime, anywhere.  It could be used at a job fair, at a cocktail party, on a golf course, or in a casual conversation with someone you met who could help you land a position.

While it sounds simple, many people find crafting a 30-second statement on 50+ years of life a daunting task. So, how should it be done?  We suggest the following steps:

  • Clarify your job target

Construct a simple sentence that best describes your field and the type of job you are pursuing.

  • Write it down

First, write down everything you would want an employer to know about your skills, accomplishments and work experiences that are relevant to your target position. Then, take a red pen and delete anything that’s not critical to your pitch.  Remember, you only have 30 seconds for the pitch. So, you want to grab the listener’s interest, not bore them with your life’s story.

  • Format it for maximized effectiveness

Deliver your pitch in a format that will answer three questions: Who are you? What do you do? What are you looking for?

  • Taylor your pitch to Them, not You.

Remember, you want to focus your speech on the listener’s needs. So, present your skills in a way that represents a potential benefit to them.

  • Eliminate all industry jargon

Use no acronyms that would be puzzling to anyone not familiar with your industry.

  • Practice out loud

A mirror can be your best partner in practicing your presentation. So practice it until you can deliver it easily and spontaneously.

Your elevator pitch is your personal brand explaining who you are and what you can offer in a concise, powerful 30-second message.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team