Reason to become an executive recruiter #2: You always know your value to the company

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In the last post in this series, we took a deeper look at the fact that one can make a very good income as an executive recruiter. But when it comes to compensation in this industry, the dollar figure is only part of the story. There is also an important psychological aspect to how we get paid.

If you are a top professional, you don’t just want to cash a big paycheck. Rather, you are striving for real excellence. You want to know you’re making a contribution. As in other businesses in which compensation is directly linked to performance through commissions or similar methods, when you’re an executive recruiter, you always know how well you’re performing and how much value you’re adding to the business. There is a deep satisfaction that comes from seeing your performance expressed in hard numbers.

There are many professionals who do not experience this satisfaction. We know from experience that the majority of businesses do not even have solid metrics in place, such as KPIs, to measure their employees’ performance. Performance reviews, if they happen at all, often come down to a manager’s vague impression.

But make no mistake, sealing deals isn’t the only thing we value. In order to be a top performer at our firm, you also need to build long-term relationships with clients and candidates (and not harm relationships that we’ve already established), as well as demonstrate excellent teamwork with your colleagues. We want people who will build the extremely positive and productive atmosphere we’ve created through many years of hard and careful work.

The flip side of always knowing your value to the company is that there’s no hiding from poor performance. Many people in business get by on likeability, reputation, and the glow of past performance. In the world of executive recruiting, however, there are no such luxuries. Those who succeed in this industry prefer to deal with the facts on the ground, whether they are positive or not.

If you find it important to know how well you’re performing in your career, becoming an executive recruiter may be the right move for you!

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