Reason to become an executive recruiter #7: It’s fun!

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Being an executive recruiter at Key Corporate Services is fun!I probably shouldn’t have waited this long in the series to talk about this reason. Certainly, it’s one of the most important!

We love coming into work every day. Most of us have had several jobs in the past, and nothing compares to what we do now for sheer enjoyment.

There are two main things that need to be true for a job to be fun:

  • The tasks that you do need to be fun in themselves.
  • There can’t be tasks you hate to ruin your day.

The job of executive recruiter wins on both counts. Our daily tasks are all about people:

  • Talking to hiring managers and seeing what kind of talent they need.
  • Discussing with hiring managers the particulars of a position and helping them develop metrics to assess progress.
  • Checking in with hiring managers to confirm their satisfaction with candidates we’ve introduced.
  • Talking to candidates or potential candidates to see what kinds of jobs and careers they’re interested in.
  • Checking in with candidates (whether we’ve found them their job or not) to see how they are doing and get their take on their industry.
  • Keeping clients and candidates apprised about search progress.
  • All of the above fall under “building relationships”–the most important thing we do.
  • Looking at resumes, seeing who might be ideal for a job order.
  • Conducting job interviews (particularly behavioral job interviews) and preparing the questions for these interviews.

At the same time, we don’t have to do a lot of boring and tiresome stuff. There is some paperwork, but not a lot. Long meetings are also minimal (and our meetings actually tend to be fun, since we get along so well).

Of course, if the above doesn’t sound like fun to you, this probably isn’t the job for you. But if you like working with people and the idea of bringing companies and talent together sounds like fun, then executive recruiter could be the perfect job for you!

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