Reason to become an executive recruiter #9: Integrity is rewarded

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Have you ever had a job in which you experienced any of the following?

  • The people you worked with weren’t honest with employees or customers.
  • You got in trouble for your honesty, frankness, etc.
  • The product or service you offered didn’t help people, or it actually hurt people.
  • You didn’t feel good about your clients or their work.

Although not all executive recruiting firms are equal in this respect, the overall trend in the industry is toward high integrity. The reason is simple: We don’t get anywhere unless we develop solid, long-term relationships.

We also only work with candidates we feel have integrity, for two reasons. One, it’s the right thing to do. Two, if a company rejects a candidate we’ve found them, then we will not make money on that transaction, and that failure will hurt our relationship with the client over the long term.

The same thing goes with respect to our candidates: if we put them in a horrible situation, they will likely never work with us again, nor will they recommend us. It is only by creating win-win situations for our clients and candidates do we maintain our reputation and success in this industry.

At Key Corporate Services, we pride ourselves as being the best among the best. And therefore as exemplifying the highest level of integrity. We are looking for honest, straight-shooting people. If at any time you ever feel uncomfortable with something going on (whether it be with clients, candidates, or colleagues), you are encouraged to talk to our founders and managing partners Dave and Jeff, who are two of the most accessible managers you’ll ever meet.

If you would like to be in a business in which your integrity is a plus, not a minus, then executive recruiting may be the place for you!

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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