Shale Gas- reshaping the future of both the Oil and Gas and Chemical Industry?

If you work in the Chemical Industry, or even in Gas and Oil, you might find it interesting to read an article by professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers entitled Shale Gas- Reshaping the US Chemicals Industry.  

Since our team at Key Corporate Services includes Oil industry recruiters, Gas industry recruiters, and Chemical recruiters, we read with great interest this article on how shale production is impacting these industries.

In Oil, shale has enabled the US to go from an import-dependent nation to a major exporter. And in Gas, shale extraction is the driver behind an expected 44 percent increase in production over the next 30 years.

For Chemical companies, the impact of shale gas has been to decrease the costs of both raw materials and energy. The NGL (natural gas) from shale gas production is used by the chemicals industry to produce a variety of derivatives and products that ultimately become raw materials for multiple manufacturing sectors.  More abundant energy leads to increased production of lower-cost chemicals to create plastic-based substitutes for other materials, such as metal, glass, wood, leather, and textiles.

The bottom line is, whether you work in Oil, Gas, or Chemicals,  shale gas production is shaping your industry in a positive manner.  If you are considering a new career in one of these industries, it’s a great time to give us a call

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