Staying healthy during the job search- Part #3

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Being let go from a job is difficult on many levels. We recommend following the advice of mental-health experts and people who have been through the job-hunt themselves to maintain emotional and physical health during what can be a prolonged job search.

Most of the advise is straightforward, but worthy of listing below.

  • Exercise regularly– if you weren’t before, do it now to keep energy
  • Maintain a regular schedule– especially when it comes to sleep
  • Avoid things that dull your edge– like alcohol
  • Don’t try to go it alone-connect regularly with other people, both in your professional and personal circles.
  • Make yourself useful– consider volunteering your time for a cause
  • Limit your exposure to television and the Internet.
  • Seek out free services in your community-libraries, community health
  • Focus on the things you can control: how many resumes you send out, how many phone calls you make and so on.
  • Don’t put your eggs in one basket-broaden your career directions
  • Think outside the box when considering your next job
  • Count your blessings-make this a daily regimen

We’d like to add another suggestion to the list above, particularly if you have worked in any of the industries for whom we recruit.

  • Give us a call- why go it alone?

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